We all have to start somewhere!

The best way to do justice to all that’s happening at The Acts Church is to pay us a visit! (Every Sunday at 4:00pm )


If you are not already a member or local to the Kenosha area, we do hope you would consider joining us for a service. We make our services available online, visit the media section of our site for more ways to stay connected. Our ministry is lively and fast growing!

We encourage the growth of those connected to us through life group participation. Growing in your faith takes time and life groups are designed to produce relationships and environments where we can all grow together. Life groups serve as a vehicle to teach you what we believe as well as a support system to assist you through the seasons of life. We are all better together!

Without our ministry workers, there would be no Acts Church. They are the gears that keep us going and serving God every weekend.We believe that no one is called to be saved to sit but to be saved to serve. God we look at how God has lavishly graced us, our response is to serve.

We know that God created you to do more than just pay bills and die. You are called to a life of significance in Christ. Get close to God to fully understand and walk in your purpose. 

Joining the ministry connects you and makes The Acts Church your family. Below you will find the steps to start walking in your salvation. 

Get Baptized

​Water Baptism is a symbol of the cleansing power of the blood of Christ and a testimony to our faith. Got questions about baptism? Email actskenosha.membership@gmail.com

Time To Learn

New Members Class is where you can learn more about Acts Church, its history, culture, leadership, beliefs and more. As a new Christian, begin reading the Bible. There are many translations and numerous places to start. While there is no perfect translation, we recommend you choose a Bible that is easy for you to understand and is faithful to the original text of the Bible.

Begin praying! Prayer is simply talking with God. Many believe prayer must include a formal set of words that can only take place during a church service. However, the Bible teaches us to pray without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5:17).

 Email actskenosha.membership@gmail.com for the next schedule class.

Connect & Grow

If you're interested in a smaller Bible Study setting then Life Groups are for you. Life groups help bridge the gap with a more personal and reachable fellowship opportunities with other members. 

As a new Christian, build friendships with others Christians. The Christian life is designed to be enjoyed with others. Jesus invested much of His ministry with 12 disciples as His closest friends. As you begin your new life as a Christian, you will find a new love inside you giving you a desire to help others.

Email actskenosha.lifegroup@gmail.com to be connected to a group.


Service is what we do! Our servant team shares the love of Christ by volunteering their time, talents, smiles, hugs and more to help us minister in services and the community. Tell someone about your faith. Becoming a Christian is not a secret; it’s a celebration! Tell all who will listen about Christ’s work in your life. In some cases, other people will come to faith in Jesus through the example you share. 

There's a ministry for almost every walk of life: children, teen, women, men, singles, married & more. Get info on each by signing up for email, Facebook notifications or visit our ministry "get connected" page for more information

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